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Colorful, Wild and Lovely

Colorful, Wild and Lovely

Today, let’s let the love of God fill our hearts, like spreading wildflowers until all weeds are pushed out and only beauty remains…until only the power of colorful, wild, lovely things fill the earth.

The enemy jumps up and down in our lives, he is an ugly thing, screaming, “Look at me, look at me.”  Every mean thing. Every fearful thought, every lie explodes in front of you—smelling, demanding attention, but like the little man behind the curtain in the Land of Oz, his only power is what you give him. You can choose to see and express life, light, and beauty. You can choose to ignore the smelly things in your friends, family, or leaders. You can choose to see only the beauty, looking for the fingerprint of God. The more you spend time with Jesus, with your Heavenly Father, with the Holy Spirit, the more you recognize what is of Him in the earth. You recognize the characteristics, beauty, goodness, and mystery that is of Him. I believe that if we seek Him in everything, we will find Him.

My heart has heard you say, “Come talk with me.” And my heart responds, “Lord, I am coming.” Ps 27:8

What we seek changes us, transforms us. When we see Him, we shall be like Him…and He is beautiful, filled with love, expressing hope and life and caring for the weak among us.

I believe God’s beauty fills the earth. I believe God’s beauty fills you. His fingerprint has made you unique. No one, anywhere, is like you. No one brings to earth what you do. No one brings to life what you can. So when you walk into a dark, smelly place, you carry the power of His love to bring freedom, hope, and life.

The Power of Beauty

The Power of Beauty

I believe in the power of beauty to change the world. I believe smelling roses can change your life. I am convinced that focusing on beautiful things can change your heart forever. I believe we are wired to respond to beauty and there is a roaring emptiness within us when we do not take time to see the divine in the world around us.

Few of us were taught to see beauty in everyday things. To really look at the materials things are made of, or to watch for the patterns in the world around us. Most of us are too busy to recognize the shades of light and shadow or subtle color shifts in the plants, fields or streets during a rainstorm.

Art, music, people, nature, and everyday things can all carry the lovely, the pure, the beautiful when we take the time to see. Perception leads to thoughts, which can lead to a heart response, which leads to action—-for good or bad depending on our focus. So, as Grandma always said, “Take time to smell the roses,” and then be inspired by the beauty around you.

Seeking beauty today.