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Forgiveness & Blessing

Forgiveness & Blessing

You know that kindness leads us to repentance? (Rom 2:4) I believe in a world where we inspire each other with love and lovely things. I believe that the kingdom of God in us is where the power of beauty lives and is practiced and cannot be stopped.

And then the rubber meets the road. The Lord faithfully reminds me there are people I need to forgive. People who make me work hard, seeking Jesus’ fingerprint so that I find something to bless, to admire, to hope for expansion, growth and change in their lives. Sometimes I never find it, but still I must forgive.

I am required to forgive, no matter what else I do, in order to set myself free. I am required to bless them in order to set them free. I must bless them so they can be what they are called to be and do. I am called to move beyond forgiveness into blessing others, those who have hurt or betrayed me, so that my heart can be free to know the heart of God.
Such a process. About the time I feel I have accomplished this activity, someone from my past rises into my present and I have to acknowledge that, although I forgot about them, I never intentionally forgave them. Sigh. It is truly a living process. A way of walking in the world.

My job as a believer in Jesus is not a mission to expose sin, to share the twisted, to give attention to or provide a platform for the ugliness of satan’s mean, smelly or fearful things. My mission, as a believer, is to express life and love and share hope. To exude the essence of the goodness, kindness and beauty of God.

Love as a seed will grow. In fact, it cannot be stopped—it will find a way. Let the love of God fall into the cracks of brokenness in your life. Share a seed of love with others. ‘Shed it abroad,’ and know, that as it drops into the broken cracks of others’ pain, it will grow. We were created to love and be loved and forgiveness and blessing inhabit love. So be brave, be strong and go with Jesus into this garden He is tending to become the life, the beauty, the love that you are.

Shiny Bits

Shiny Bits

God tells me stories, complete with pictures in color and really, who doesn’t love a story? Today I am going to share one with you. Grab your coffee or tea and enjoy!


THE STORY: This story begins with me standing in my backyard with shiny bits floating out of my mouth. I realized I was speaking words from the Bible out loud. Speaking declarations. I saw these shiny particles float out of my mouth and dance around in the air. As I kept speaking the Word, these sparkling pieces started forming together. I could see the outline of something in two dimensions like a drawing in the air.
As I kept speaking, the drawing took on form and mass and it became a three-dimensional object. Strong and Solid.
Then I noticed that all this was happening inside a big bubble with Jesus. There was Glorious light and strength and protection. It was like there was a force field around us.

I feel the power of the words going into the earth becoming, accomplishing, growing His purposes.

I looked to the right and there was a paper dragon slamming its head into the side of this structure. Over and over again. I knew that in this place of God’s Word being made manifest, the dragon had no power or entry and there was complete protection and glorious life for me.


THE TRUTH: Last year, God started to speak to me about making declarations from His Word regularly, as part of my daily prayer time. Recently, I noticed something happening as I speak them. I am feeling the power of the words. It courses through me as I speak His promises. His plans. His purposes. I feel the power of the words going into the earth becoming, accomplishing, growing His purposes. Producing life where there has been death. Producing beauty where there is ugliness from sin seeping in. Breaking off chains and bringing freedom where the enemy has entangled people. Manifesting truth and shattering the power of lies that have staked a claim and polluted. His Word going forth reclaiming what is His.


If I can encourage you in one thing today, it would be to begin or to keep making your daily declarations. Don’t get discouraged. Let them stir faith in your heart that they are going forth and becoming, birthing, growing in the earth, in your life, and in your business.
There is power in the Word of God. So much power.