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Is 60:1-2 TPT
Rise up in splendor and be radiant, for your light has dawned, and Yahweh’s glory now streams from you!
Look carefully! Darkness blankets the earth, and thick gloom covers the nations,
but Yahweh arises upon you and the brightness of his glory appears over you!

I woke up this morning thinking about all the people around me who are expressing the Lord in some creative way. Those verses in Isaiah no longer felt like a mysterious promise of something in the future. I saw His glory rising on His children everywhere. All those who have been seeking and obedient to step out, to press on, to not give up their creative work even when they feel their gift is small, their offering inferior.
As you have given yourselves, your time, and your gifts to God, He is raising you up. As you lift the name of Jesus, the name above every name, He is being glorified.

Like the moon lights the darkness with the reflected light of the sun, so we reflect the glory of God in the despair that covers the earth.

Art speaks. It tells stories in the language of the heart. Each creative work carries the voice of God. As trees, rivers, and flowers express God’s beauty, creativity, and love, so our art speaks light in a world filled with sadness and fear.

It’s not the beauty or perfection of the work as measured by a critic’s standard that makes our art valuable—it is the fingerprint of God; the heart of God coming through our brush, our pen, or musical instrument. When His voice lives in me, in you, when He is at home in us, everything we create is uniquely ours and God’s. No one can produce the expression of God that I do or that you do. God is to you and through you something the world is crying to see, to experience in their hunger, fear, and pain.


I do not argue the technical merits, features, or importance of a work of art or piece of writing or music, but one thing I know. If God is in you, then God is in your art. He is in your creative work. The Spirit of God living in the spirit of you and I, the artists, writers, poets, musicians, sculptors, inventors, and makers of all kinds touches all that we make.

As we send our work out into the world to speak, it shimmers in ways we do not even understand. His glory in you and I and in our work begins to fill the earth. Our art can take God places no person can go. It can touch parts of people’s hearts that they don’t even know exist. Our art can begin to heal wounds people aren’t even aware they have. God’s Spirit can speak so loudly and clearly through our creative works. Which is why it’s critical for us to do this work. To steward our creative calling.


Creating artistic work is a spiritual matter. Its effect can only be measured by God. Its impact can only be delivered by God. I don’t know how to measure or judge God’s outcomes. 

Counting seeds in an apple tells me how many trees might grow from this one fruit but it doesn’t tell me how many more apples will grow on all those trees. There is life in the seeds that we have no capacity to see. There is the touch of God’s life within seeds that we have no ability to measure.

That’s how I am with my creative work. I get all excited seeing that I’ve finished something or I get discouraged, wishing I was creating more or better work, while God waits, oh so patiently, for me to plant the seed so He can bring forth the life He’s put within it.


I’m learning to obey this call to create. To honor this gift. To give God time to be with me in my creating. I’m learning to make room for it. Intentionally, giving space in my schedule to create. There’s been a shift in how I think about being creative. I used to struggle to give myself permission to make art. To create stories. But a few months ago, I felt this call became a point of obedience. He was no longer gently coaxing me to follow Him down this path. He was there. Standing in front of me, asking me whether I would write or not. Giving me a choice to decide whether I would follow Him in this. Or not. And I understood how very important artists and their creative activities are to God.


We are authors, poets, musicians, sculptors, and artists because God calls us that. Long before there were art critics or success standards, there was art. There was God’s expression of creativity and love.

God created us artists before a single day of our lives began. While He was thinking of us with love, God designed us to create. He called us artists. If He has said it is so, who can say it is not? No one. Not even us. We, who are sometimes so unsure of what we carry, cannot say against the voice of God that we are not creative. That we are not artists.

Our art, our works, speak life, peace, and hope because we live with God. He is in our very cells. He is in our creating. We are anointed to create and our works carry God into the world. Wherever it goes, our work speaks to hearts in words only they understand. Heals in ways we cannot imagine. Write, sing, paint, sculpt, draw, craft and create….

It matters more than you know.

Blessings on all your dreaming and making!