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Journey of a Broken Seeker is a book of discovery.

It is not a how-to book but an invitation to begin a lifestyle of seeing God and His love for each one of us.

Of seeing how our heavenly Father, maker of all things, creator of beauty is looking for us.

Waiting for us to find Him.

response from readers:

There is something about your writing that breathes life into my soul and lifts my spirit.
That awakens me to the glorious beauty of this world and the depth of God’s love for us. I identified with so much. Thank you for your vulnerability that allows me to say, “oh yes, me too!” and for the hope that your writing gives.


I fell in love with your book on the first line. I also found many bits really touched me and moved me. It has counselled me and blessed me. Thank you. To quote you, Don’t stop.


I am so so blessed by reading this – truly touched by your thoughts and I know I will return to it again and again. Thank you for putting the words down! They are life giving, affirming, instructional, and most of all loving. I am really encouraged and moved in reading this.


I loved it. I found it inspirational, in that it made me want to know God more, get closer, pray more, stop wasting time, see the beauty! It was also personally challenging at times!