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I am created in His image. You are created in His image. The One who is beautiful. Which makes us, yes, beautiful!

I think we learn what is beautiful from God. From the people and things He created. Colors, textures, shapes. Singing birds, gurgling water, crashing waves. The taste of a watermelon or a crisp pepper.

We also learn about inner beauty and community from seeing into the hearts of people and not just looking at the external trappings of race or size or cultural garments. Looking into the hearts where dreams live, where common hopes are shimmering. Where dormant gifts lie quietly waiting for acknowledgment or permission to rise. Into hearts where Jesus comes to melt walls of fear, to bring healing for brokenness and to remove slivers of unbelief, unforgiveness, and pride.

He does not judge us. He comes to heal us and to wrap us in grace to make us whole. There is beauty all around us. There is beauty in us.