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This mystery of you and I is a quest to find and unravel clues of our uniqueness. To discover God in the evidence of His intention–in nature, in creation, in us.

Our God is a spiritual being and so are we, but we don’t always see how to navigate the land of spiritual life. Malevolent forces push us, stealing truth. Shifting our focus, stealing the wonder of who God is so we never find the wonder of who we are. Darkness batters us and we cannot see the power of God.  We cannot see the power of us. The power of goodness, of love, of faith, of beauty. The loudest, most angry, manipulative people are the ones who are the emptiest of God’s beautiful truth.

We, the seers, are also called to be the Speakers of this truth. Created with power to speak to others of their light and life and blessing and call it forth. It is only dormant. It is not dead. Like the dry bones that became an army, empty people are filled with beautiful seeds of potential. All the seeds God planted in them can be watered by us. We can speak to the beautiful things we see in another. Speak life. Whisper God’s secrets of love and glory and wonder that is in them – that is their true design. We can ask God for His words to pour over them. The water from heaven that flows through our mouths, drips from our lips, is powerful to raise people from the dead into an army of lovers of God. We are in a love war. A spiritual battle. For the unveiling of glory, wonder and beauty in the earth.

When all we see is what’s missing. Lacking. Wrong in another, then that’s all they can see too. We must be believers in them. In God’s purposes for them. We must see beyond, into God’s truth for them. And speak it. We speak this mystery of their beauty to them in words of blessing. We speak it with them and for them to God in prayer. Love demands we act on their behalf.

The ministry of reconciliation is more than issuing an invitation, it is standing on behalf of the one and speaking light and life and blessing until the daystar rises in them. Until they see with new eyes. Until they rise in newness of life. Until the glory rises on them in power as they become the sons and daughters of their Heavenly Father, Abba.

Jealousy, another malicious force that keeps us from seeing the beauty in another, is a manifestation of fear. It is the core fear that we are nothing. That we do not matter. It lives loudly and drives mercilessly because we do not see and do not know our own wonderful design. It’s based on the ugliest of lies.

We are each, full of a unique specialness that is ours alone. The true mystery quest is to find God so we can see ourselves in our true glory and wonder. So we can understand we own this specialness, then we have power to shine.

We can help each other on this journey. We can call forth the light in each other. Ignore the dark, broken, unfinished parts and speak God’s truth that grows big and heals, finishes and completes life in us. In our inward parts. God’s truth that expands outward, filling the earth with glory. Love. Beauty.

God’s story is glorious, majestic, powerful and full of life that cannot die. It is for us and in us. His glory touches us. Fills us. And we are glorious, too. Everything you need to see about the mystery of you is in Jesus’ eyes. Seek His face and you will see the glory, beauty, and truth that is you. Never forget that you are God’s wildest dream and He always delights in you.